2018~2019 International Milan Purple Black Jacket Leggings Suit

The new NIKE AC Milan 2018/19 Home jacket is fulfilled with the energy of the fans, culture and passion of Milan. The first kit made by NIKE will honour the history and tradition of AC Milan and goes back to the roots to find its inspiration. Inter Milan Football Club (Football Club Internazional Milan, (inter) is a football club based in Milan, northern Italy, founded on March 9, 1908. Currently, the symbol in the middle of the Inter emblem is a combination of four letters in the Italian Football League, “Igni Mi Fen C”, that is the capital letter of each word in the full name of the Inter Milan football club-Internazional Milan Football Club. In addition, the team badge is a tire die shape, representing the Nerazzurri segment forward. The creation of Inter came from the separation of some of the members of the Milan Cricket and Football Club (now AC Milan). The club is known as the “international” club because it opened its doors to all players around the world at the start of its existence.

Football is a great sport – it has the power to create such a strong sense of camaraderie and union between its fans. But its incredible capacity to bring football fans together is a double-edged sword. As much as supporters are unconditionally devoted to their favourite team, the chances for intense rivalries are always around the corner. As a consequence, they sometimes manifest themselves in violent episodes. This also impacted the way they dressed. For example, fashionable cheap football shirts, jackets, comfortable pants and light sneakers. Football scores weren’t the only cause of rivalries. Fans of opposite clubs would strive to keep their football casual attire up to date. They meant business. Let’s take a close look at what makes a Casuals’ uniform and what brands they use to nail football clothing.

The jacket combines traditional purple black stripes with innovative design ideas. Black is chosen as the main color because black represents the opponent’s fear of AC Milan. The stripes on the new jersey varied in width, reminiscent of the spectacular new building in Milan. The front-and-rear two-dimensional textures reinforce the shoulder silhouette at the same time. The jersey has a modern round collar, and the zipper is designed to fit the body very well. The back is designed for three modules to wear more comfortable and protect the neck. Trousers use upper width and lower narrow shape and purple stripes edge to show leg trim. This jacket suit has good breathable and hydrophobic fabric, close-fitting and does not affect the athlete’s physical activity, light weight and not easy to produce static electricity.

This is indeed a start of a new era for AC Milan and NIKE has taken this jacket into consideration when designing the new 2018/19 Home. It’s inspired by the youthful energy and creativeness of the city, while the passion from the fans is reflected in the new era of youth and hunger for winning titles. This is the start of a new Milan. It is also the beginning of a new fashion trend.

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